I am warped

I’m still sick but definitely feeling better than I was yesterday, when the grim reaper could’ve come to drag my lifeless body away and I wouldn’t have had the strength to protest. Today, I’d have the strength to toss a cup of hot tea at him or something, at least.

So since I’ve had a bit more energy I decided to go ahead and warp my loom. There are two different ways I usually do this.

I really like the direct warping method since it’s so quick, but alas, I don’t have two places in my house to clamp my loom and a warping peg far enough apart to put a long warp on. Just enough for one scarf.

direct warping

I like to have a long enough warp that I can weave at least two scarves out of the same warp. It just saves time. So…the warping board.

warping board

The other night as I was drifting off to sleep, my cough addled brain came up with an idea. Hey!, it thought, your peanut butter is in my chocolate! I could combine the two! And so instead of clamping the warping peg to my kitchen table, I clamped my warping board and proceeded to direct warp.

combination warping

Sometimes I love my brain.

(Ignore what looks like an arc of yarn connecting the first and third peg — that’s actually part of the table base. Photos of things on glass tables are often confusing.)

And now it’s nap time again. Maybe tonight I can actually finish warping the loom and start weaving. And because someone is sure to ask, the yarn is part of the legendary Ann’s stash, which I got with so many other treasures after her death. The dark brown is a wool/nylon blend, the lighter brown is a thin silk slub, doubled, and the shiny coppery brown is a synthetic that feels rather flax-y (flaxy? flaxxy? flaxlike? lineny? Help me out here). This is going to be a fun project. But first, sleep.