I did a thing

Vesuvius handspun from awesomeyarn.comSo I did a thing.

I’ve been selling my handspun yarn since 2006 as part of Happy Fuzzy Yarn. HFY is mostly hand dyed yarn and fiber and almost exclusively wholesale now, and I’m not selling the handspun yarn wholesale. So…I realized I haven’t really been spinning that much in the last several months because it’s hard for me to justify spending time making something that isn’t selling (I’ve got a backlog of handspun yarn waiting for projects for me, trust me!).

The thing is, I need to spin. Spinning makes me happy. Not spinning makes me sad. I am a spinner.

It occurred to me that HFY had sort of become two different businesses.

Since handspun yarn is awesome, I decided to call it what it is. Awesome Yarn. Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends, I present to you, Awesome Yarn. Huzzah!