I hate colds

I try not to be too whiny here, but man, this cold is kicking my ass. This is day 9 of the cold from hell. I thought it was almost over a few days ago, but then yesterday I had a relapse. Either that or cold #1 invited some of its germy friends in to take over on its way out.

Anyway. The fleece fair went great. I sold a whack of stuff and got to see some absolutely gorgeous things our customers were wearing. Stunning stuff. No, I didn’t take any pictures. What, you think I’d remember to take my camera when I’d been up till 1am the previous night getting my 15-page inventory sheet ready? Um…no. Take my word for it. Gorgeous stuff.

I’ve got the bamboo circular needles I mentioned in stock now, but taking photos and uploading them to Artfire is going to have to wait till I don’t need three naps per day. If there’s a size you want, send me a message and I’ll let you know the price. I’ve got 16″, 29″ and 36″ in sizes 0-15, though a few of the sizes are backordered.

Now that the fleece fair is over I want to do a bit of weaving. I’ve picked out the yarn for my next project, two scarves on one warp, but fondling the yarn is about all I have the energy for right now. Shades of brown with some purple thrown in. Because, you know, everything is better with some purple thrown in.

Ok, I need to go take nap #3.