I survived!

Art Fair was scorchingly hot, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and a tornado warning. In other words, typical Art Fair weather. But I survived. The heat took a lot out of me (I slept almost all day the day after the fair ended), but I’m glad I did it. I sold a lot of yarn and made a lot of money (yay!), I got to meet some of the people who were buying my yarn (yay!), and I learned some things.

No. 1: Inkjet printed labels and rain are not a good combination. Not a good combination at all. Well, I’ve been meaning to change the way I’ve been doing my labels anyway, so I guess now is the time. And I’m happy to see that the price of laser printers has come way down.

No. 2: When I’m scheduling shows to vend at in the future, I want to stick mostly to indoor shows. And if it’s summer, I’m taking an electric fan. Oh yes I am. I’ll still do the Art Fair with the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, but for solo shows, there’s no way I could be out in that heat for an entire day. I wilt.

No. 3: I really love Chipotle. Ok, I already knew that, but it was really reinforced during Art Fair. Just a block away from our booth, they’re fast, cheap, air-conditioned, and they have really good, filling, nutritious vegan food. (Most fast food places do not.) So, thank you, Chipotle. I love you.

Ok, so do you want to see some pictures? I forgot to take my camera with me, but Rob took his and took some photos of my yarn for me (before my labels got rained on!).

handspun yarn at Art Fair

hand dyed yarn at Art Fair

I had some of my handspun, and some hand dyed sock yarn.  (The long narrow skeins are from fellow guild member Jennifer Stafford.)

You can see more photos of our both on the guild’s Facebook page.


  1. JAN

    Riin your yarn is really beautiful. I wish i knew how to knit.

    Aunt Jan

  2. Riin

    If you’d like to learn, my friend Tara sells a Learn to Knit Kit: http://www.blondechickenboutique.com/index.php/shop-for-yarn/learn-to-knit-kit/

  3. Suzanne

    I wish you could vend at my normal fiber fests: Maryland Sheep and Wool and SAFF.

    I’d love to pet all of your yarn!

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