I think I’ve got everything…

Tomorrow morning Rob and I load up a rental van and head north to the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival. I think I’ve remembered to pack everything. Everything that can be packed before tomorrow morning anyway. This is my first show where I’ll have a booth of my own. I’ve done two guild sales now, but all I had to do was show up with my stuff. Other people had already set up the displays. This time, the entire booth is mine. I’m a bit nervous (have I forgotten something important? I don’t think so…), but excited.

This will also be my first time camping since…uh…a very very long time ago. Hopefully I’ve remembered everything to pack for that too.

I was going to take a picture of all the stuff piled up in my living room, but my camera is already packed. But hey, that means I remembered my camera. Now I just have to remember to take pictures of my booth once I set it up. (I was going to set it up in my living room as a trial run, but then I realized it wouldn’t fit in my living room. Never mind.) So, when I get back, pictures.

I guess I can show you some pictures of some of the stuff I’m taking to sell, so you can have something to look at.

Hobbes light hand dyed sport weight yarn

Confetti handspun yarn

The View bluefaced leicester combed wool top

Ok, I need to get to sleep now.

Oh, my nosy neighbor with a very large dog will be keeping an eye on the place while we’re gone, so no burglars!