I totally would’ve worn these with safety pins

So since the needle incident disabled my last bus knitting project, I had to start another one immediately.  Now, you know when I dye yarn, I put a little bit of my soul into each skein, but creativity nourishes my soul, so it balances out.  I’m sending the skeins out into the world, like sending my children off to other homes to live, but they’re going to live with knitters, so they’re going to good homes, right?  They’ll be ok.

Every once in a while, though, I dye a colorway, and I look at it and think, ok, you’re staying with me, and it goes into my stash.  Fortunately for you all, I tend to dye several skeins of a colorway and just keep one skein, or nothing would end up in the store.  (If it was just one, it was probably an experiment or an accident I had to save.  Heh.  Nothing to see here, move along.)


Punk grrl was one I had to keep.  Funny thing is, I’m not a “pink” person at all.  But the combination of the pink with the black and the violety blue is so…yes!  I totally would have worn these back when I wore safety pins in my ears!  I love this!  (Oh.  Yes.  It’s on metal needles.  Ahem.)

Another cool thing I wanted to mention was you can help Anne at knitspot help Knitters without Borders. (For any non-knitters reading this, Knitters without Borders is a subset of Doctors without Borders.  The money all goes to Doctors without Borders; it’s just a way to keep track of how much of the money comes from knitters.) Go Anne!  Go help her!