I was getting to that!

Marcy asked, "Hey, I want an update on that sweater you showed a couple posts back.
How’s that going?

"What brand are those sock needles?  I never saw sock needles in plastic

Good questions!  I didn’t have time to knit on the sweater for a few weeks, which was really bumming me out, but I finished the back this weekend and picked up the stitches for the second front yoke.  Today I was home sick, so I sat around in my bathrobe wondering what was safe to eat and got several inches of knitting done.  In three more rows I can start the neck shaping.


This isn’t a great picture since I took it at 9pm and I’m not up to setting up the spiffy lights, but you get the general idea.

As for the needles, they were Susan Bates, but of course they weren’t specifically sock needles.  They were just dpns.  I bought them…um…over 20 years ago?  People knit socks then, of course, but there wasn’t the sock mania then that there is now.  I actually bought them to make mittens at the time.  I guess there wasn’t the assumption then that if you were buying dpns, of course you were going to knit socks with them.  Is there that assumption now?

I seem to be old now.

Um, hi.

Yep, back in my day we knit our clothes out of woolly mammoth fiber.  I tell you what.

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  1. Marcy

    I refer to dpn’s that are size 3 or less as sock needles. I’ve seen it other places, too. I don’t know that there’s an implicit assumption that they are for socks. I’ve also seen dpn’s referred to as “glove needles,” especially if they are the shorter ones.

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