If it’s Friday this must be Ann Arbor

Ok, that was just the most random title I could think of.  Fitting since I just have random stuff today. Here goes.

Random thing one.  I really like this working at home thing.  Yesterday I worked 13 hours, but it didn’t feel like work.  It felt like play.  I’ve been dyeing a ton.  I’d show you pictures, but stuff is hanging to dry in my basement studio, and the lighting is not the best.  Picture a mass of wet multi-colored wool hanging from clotheslines, dripping on the floor.  (Note to self: buy more clothespins.)  Some of it will make it into the shop, some will go to wholesale customers, and some will go to the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild’s Art Fair booth if it gets the ok at the jury meeting.

Random thing dos.  I joined an etsy team.  Crafting in color.  I’m new to the team thing, so I’m not sure what all I’m supposed to do, but I tagged my stuff in etsy, and I figure mentioning it here is probably a good thing.

Random thing trois.  I rode my bike again today.  I decided if I’m going to start riding my bike to work again, I should do it next week since it will be “I like bikes week” of the Commuter Challenge.  So I rode to the nearby bike shop and had them install wire baskets so I could carry my backpack with me without wearing it while I ride. (I used to have wire baskets, on my old bike. For some reason I got a rack and panniers when I got this bike.  The baskets really worked out better for me though.  Glad to have them again.)  Then I rode part of the route I’ll be taking to work, and back home again.  About 3 miles altogether.  Part of the route is through a park, and I saw a whole lot of butterflies.  Cool.

Random thing vier.  This weekend I travel to the Zen Buddhist Temple in Chicago to take my precepts.  I’ll receive a Buddhist name.  No idea what to expect, for the ceremony or the name.  It’s a surprise.

Random thing…oh, hell, I’m out of languages that I know how to count in.  I guess I’m done then.  I’ll go spin now.