I’m back from Greencastle

And boy, are my arms tired. Sorry, bad joke.

Actually, I’m just tired in general, despite napping off and on for most of the 5 hour drive home and then taking a long nap once we got here. It was exhausting. But I had a good time!

The drive down was like traveling two weeks into the future, as the farther south we went, the more spring had progressed. The grass was green, the trees were flowering, and tulips were blooming, all things that usually occur the last week of April here in Ann Arbor. It was a nice welcome.

And when we reached Greencastle, this fellow greeted us.


We reached the fairground with time to get the booth about half set up before closing things for the night. When our booth neighbor, Heidi Warren of Vintage Fiber, heard we were planning to sleep in our van, she invited us to stay at her house, just a few miles away. I was overwhelmed by her kindness in inviting total strangers to stay with her. Later it occurred to me that normally if someone I’d just met invited me to stay at their house I’d be a bit leery, but she didn’t give off any creepy vibes, and I’m so glad I accepted because her whole family turned out to be the nicest people ever, and also because it got really cold that night.

And their kitten, Beatrice?

Friendliest kitten ever!

Friday morning we continued setting up the booth, and the show opened at 1pm. I managed to take a few pics of my booth before people started coming in.

I’ve changed the setup a bit, and I like it better. I’ll probably continue to tweak things a bit.

Once people started coming in, they came in droves. I met tons of nice people, including Cindy Lou Petty, who took this nice picture of me.

Yes, I’m wearing the sweater I just finished a few weeks ago! (Yes! It’s an FO!) I really like it. Unfortunately the temperature continued to drop so I had to cover it up with another shirt (I was already wearing 2 shirts under the sweater), and later with a jacket as well. Brr.

It was a good show, and I signed up to do it again next year.

Now it’s time to go to bed and sleep MORE. In a few days we leave for Kendallville to do the next show.