I’m not quite dead

I’m getting better.

I’m still coughing, but I’m not coughing as hard as I was yesterday, when I was half expecting to see large solid objects pop out of my mouth as I coughed. Weasels. Alarm clocks. Refrigerators.* So when all I coughed up was a teaspoon of phlegm, I felt kind of cheated. I mean, there wasn’t even a spoon, just the phlegm.

All that hard work, and that’s all I had to show for it?

Anyway, I’m well enough to leave town at early o’clock tomorrow morning to head down to Charlestown, Indiana for the Indiana Fiber & Music Festival. I’m not actually well though, and Rob is under the weather too. Would anyone in the Charlestown area be willing to assist us in setting up and/or tearing down the booth? We’ll be setting up Friday afternoon from ~1-6pm (and will need help mostly at the beginning of that time, as soon as we arrive), and will tear down right after the show ends Sunday at 4pm.

I’d be happy to give you some yarn or fiber in exchange for your help.

And to entice the rest of you to come, here’s a pic of my booth last weekend. Not the best pic since I took it on my phone, but you get the idea. I should actually take my camera with me to these shows, eh?

booth at greencastle

*I may have watched a lot of cartoons growing up. And also as an adult.