I’m not quite dead

I was finally well enough today to mail club shipments. Thanks for your patience.

I’m still not over this nasty thing that may be bronchitis or may be pneumonia. (My doctor said it could be either one and she would treat them the same, and since the only way to tell for sure which one it is is with an x-ray and I have really crappy insurance, I decided I didn’t really need to know.) I’m still really tired. I’m still coughing a lot. And my voice is pretty much gone, so if I try to speak, what comes out alternates between a whisper and a squeak.

But I am so much better than I was. I think I’ll probably be able to start dyeing again by the end of the week.

In the meantime though, having to stay home from Greencastle caused me to miss out on a large chunk of my income, and I’ve got bills to pay. So I’m having a sale. From now through the end of April, enter the coupon code PNEUMONIASUCKS at checkout on orders of $75 or more (before shipping) and save 20%.

And if you like to see the yarn, fondle the yarn, etc., before you buy, encourage your LYS to start carrying Happy Fuzzy Yarn. If you give your LYS owner your recommendation and let me know you did so, and they place an order with me and list your name as a referral, I’ll name a colorway after you! (You can let me know what colors you like and dislike, so your namesake won’t be colors you hate.) Or I could name it after your spouse or your kid or your grandma, if you prefer. We’ll work it out.