I’m too tired to come up with a witty title so just imagine one

You know, sometimes I read someone's post or an article someone wrote where they mention being home sick with a cold for a week and all the knitting they were able to get done during that time.

I envy those people.

Not for being home sick.  No, I can manage that part.  It's just that when I'm sick, I'm sick.  As in, my body doesn't function.  It says "You will rest now."  And if I get any bright ideas about trying to do something that requires energy, like oh, knit, it laughs at me and says, "Ok, who's boss here?" and kicks my ass.

So last week my days went something like, wake up, email work that I'm still sick, go back to bed and sleep another three hours, get up and feed Rudy, eat breakfast while reading online comics, go back to bed and sleep for another four hours, get up, sit on the couch and knit* for 15 minutes, fall asleep on the couch, wake up three hours later…  And so on.

So I didn't get that much knitting done.  I got an amazing amount of sleeping done, but that's not going to keep me warm come winter.

I finally started to feel like a human being again by the middle of Saturday, so I started to redo some of the photos I had taken the previous weekend because apparently I still don't know how to take pictures.  I guess if I don't do it all the time I forget.  Note to self: just because they look good in the little screen on the back of the camera doesn't mean they'll look good on the computer monitor.  Um, yeah, I love redoing hours of work because I'm a dork.  Some day I'll get a routine down for everything so I'm not reinventing the wheel every time I do this, I swear.

Sunday I edited photos and came up with names for colorways.  You know, sometimes names just come to me, and other times it takes a while. Sometimes I wonder if you can tell which is which.  Heh heh.  I get frustrated with myself when I can't come up with a name in a short time though.  I mean, it's just not cost effective to take an hour to come up with a name for a colorway when it's only two skeins of yarn.  It's not like it's one name I'll be using for thousands of skeins.

I figure at that point, if I can't come up with a name in just a few minutes, I'm too tired and I need to do something else.

Today I went back to work and felt ok, though I was getting a bit tired by lunchtime, and by the end of the day, any thoughts I had of labeling yarn after work were replaced with, "Nope.  You will rest.  You can work on that when you have more energy."

So just a few random mutterings.  First, I learned this past week that chipmunks sound like birds.  I kept hearing what I thought was a bird singing/chirping, quite persistently, and then I realized it was a chipmunk on my back porch making the sound!  It looked like it was barking, the way it was positioned as it made the sound, but it sounded just like a bird.  Well, you learn something new every day.

Second, there seems to be a family of five, yes, five!, chipmunks living under my deck.  There are a couple of small places where they can dive in quickly to hide from larger predators, and when they feel safe they can come out and jump up on the porch to have a high vantage point.  There isn't much cuter than five chipmunks.

Third, Ravelry now accepts online stores in the LYS database, so I added Happy Fuzzy Yarn.  If you're one of my customers, feel free to add yourself as a patron or add your HFY stash so it doesn't look so empty and sad.

*I worked on my Hypotenuse scarf.  Marcy asked about the yarn in the comments a few posts back and I meant to write about that, but I'm easily distractable.  It's my hand-dyed, handspun bfl.  Basically I never use anyone else's yarn because I can't afford it.  Now this is funny.  When I started knitting I couldn't afford the yarn I wanted.  So a few years after I started knitting, I started spinning.  Why?  Because I couldn't afford yarn.  So I bought a $300 spinning wheel (yeah, this was a long time ago), a $300 drum carder, plus 3 extra bobbins and a lazy kate.  But I wouldn't have to buy yarn again, right?

Now, I know a lot of spinners buy lots of fiber, but I actually bartered with a friend of mine who had sheep, so I got free fleeces from her for years.  She ended up moving to another state though, so I eventually needed to find another wool source.

Ok, fast forward.  Now I buy undyed yarn and wool top wholesale because that's the cheapest way to buy it per pound.  But of course that means a $500 minimum order here, a $500 minimum order there…

So I still feel like I can't afford retail yarn because wholesale is so much cheaper.  But then I order $800 worth of yarn and top.  Folks, that ain't cheap.  But it's not (all) for me!  And I would just like to insert my standard disclaimer: I never claimed to be sane.

Also, I've got enough of my own yarn waiting for me to knit for the next…um, very long while.

So this is a longwinded way of saying that any time I show you one of my knitting projects, you can assume the yarn is something I dyed and/or spun, and that while some not quite fully functional part of my brain thinks it's cheaper, it's probably more to do with being an artistic control freak, and I really need you guys to buy my stuff or I'm wearing $800 socks.  Eep…  Yeah, I gotta get those labels done.

Just not tonight.

Is a footnote supposed to be this long?