In praise of the Chickpea

So since I'm always on the lookout for new foods to try, and since I'm not getting as much protein from bread as I was (I did find some decent bread — Glutino — but the pieces are small and it has to be toasted, so it's not really good for sandwiches.  It makes good toast though), I thought, hey, since I love falafel, and since I practically live on hummus (yeah, I eat it every day.  What's your point?), maybe I should try some other stuff with chickpeas.  Well, actually I have had other prepared food with chickpeas, and it's been really, really good.  But I figured maybe I should buy some chickpeas and figure out something simple and good to do with them, because that would be cheap.

And so I did.

I took a 15 oz can of chickpeas, dumped the water out and rinsed the chickpeas and dumped half the can into one bowl and half into another (already planning the leftovers, see?).  I added about equal amounts of frozen spinach to each bowl.  I mixed up the bowl I was going to eat first, covered it with an inverted plate (why use plastic wrap when an inverted plate does the job?), microwaved it for a few minutes, took it out and stirred it, put it back in and microwaved it a bit more until it was hot.  Then I took it out (and put the inverted plate over the cold bowl to store it in the fridge — yay, no plastic!), and added a couple of generous tablespoons of Cibo Naturals Sun-dried Tomato Pesto (also known as my special friend) and mixed it all together.

Dude.  It was so good.  It definitely gets added to the rotation of my favorite foods.  It was delicious, nutritious, and it only had three ingredients.  That's my kind of food.

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  1. Ankles and Silver

    Wow! Great blog! I came from Susan’s bunny spins blog. I have a bunny, though I do not spin, rarely knit, preferring batik.
    I also like chick peas. Indian and Pakistani cooking uses them a lot. they grind them into flour. You can find this if there is an ethnic grocery near you. Usually called chana, the dried chickpeas are very very hard. I tried to grind my own and broke the blades off my grinder.
    I also get migraines and for a while one Dr thought I had a problem with gluten, but he was wrong. When I eliminated the gluten from my diet, I felt better, but in the process of eliminating the gluten I had eliminated lots of additives. Many of those were the problem. Now, I don’t eat aged cheese, cured meat, chocolate, spirits or anything cooked with wine. MSG and it’s alternate names and precursers.

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