In which Riin is cranky

So I was going to card up a bunch of batts for you guys, but I was wondering how best to display them in my booth at shows. Clear drawstring bags was the consensus on Facebook, so I ordered a whack. They arrived, only they were much smaller than I had anticipated. I hadn’t realized the dimensions on the website were for a flat bag with no gussets, so there was no way the batt was going to fit in it. I called them up, and they were happy to do an exchange for a larger size, so I sent the small bags back and waited for the larger ones to arrive.

The tracking info they emailed me told me to expect the package last Thursday. By the end of the day, when I realized it still hadn’t arrived, I checked the tracking again. It said it had been delivered a little bit after noon, but it had been delivered to “office,” which was rather odd. Usually UPS just leaves packages on or next to my porch, and I had been home all day. In addition, there was no note on the door.

The management office down the block was already closed for the day, so I stopped in the next morning to get my package. But they didn’t have it. They said they never take packages for residents. The three women working there that morning had been there all day the day before, and none of them had signed for a package.

So I went home, looked at the more detailed tracking info, and called UPS. I found out that the company had shipped the package via UPS to my billing address, which is my PO box. Since they couldn’t deliver it to that address, they decided to deliver it to the address they had on file for me, which was where I lived 4 years ago (even though they’ve delivered probably hundreds of packages to me here in that time). So they delivered it to the office at my old apartment complex.

I figured they would pick it up the next business day and deliver it to me here the following business day. I was wrong.

They opened an investigation. I don’t know what exactly that consisted of, but I called this afternoon and was told they needed three more days to investigate.

And then a few minutes after I hung up, someone from UPS security called me and said someone from the apartment complex office said that I had picked up the package yesterday. I did not. So now they have to get the police involved.

So now I’m wondering when I’m ever going to get my drawstring bags.

Also, I’ve had a pinched nerve in my back for days.

And there are loud pounding noises outside.

I am cranky. Can somebody cheer me up?