Introducing Fruit Fling!

FruitFlingxThis just may be my favorite pattern ever.

When we first started dyeing gradient sets, I knew I had to design something using one of them, I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a shawl, so I doodled with yarn and needles until I had something going that I liked, and then I just kept going.

The resulting shawl is 8 feet long! Long enough to really wrap around yourself, no, fling around yourself!

Made of a Corrie Sock Fruit Salad Gradient Set, this shawl is a long, narrow, asymmetrical triangle made up of garter ridge stripes with a lace chevron motif along the longest edge and repeated along the short edge. It starts with the point of the chevron and slowly adds stitches along one side, getting gradually wider.

Buy the pdf on Ravelry.