It’s a Fact

Fact 1. I am very tired.

Fact 2. A few people have told me that when they had pneumonia, it took them a full year to completely recover.

Fact 3. The idea of feeling this exhausted for a year … exhausts me.

Fact 4. I’ve completely fallen in love with Navajo plying. I was never really very good at it when I used to spin on my Reeves wheel because I had to treadle really fast to keep the wheel going. Now that I spin on my Louet, Navajo plying is a breeze. An awesomely cool hypnotic breeze.

Fact 5. I would show you photos of some of the way cool Navajo plied yarn I’ve spun out of my art batts, but … see Fact 1.

Fact 6. If you’re in Columbus, OH this weekend, you can come to Knitters Connection where I’ll have some of my cool Navajo plied yarn for sale.

Fact 7. The phrase “it’s a fact” always reminds me of that girl on Kids in the Hall.

Fact 8. I’ll have other stuff too, of course. Some new hand dyed yarn colorways, some new art batts.

Fact 9. I’m planning to add a batt of the month club to the shop as soon as I can take some pics and work out the pricing.

Fact 10. Zonk.