It’s time again for Fiber Expo! and a note to weavers!

In the mood to fondle some yarn and bond with it?

Well, duh. Of course you are.

If you’re anywhere near Ann Arbor this weekend, you can come to our big booth o’ happiness at Fiber Expo and do just that! You’ll find some brand new colorways that I haven’t had a chance to add online yet, like this one.


Happy Fuzzy Yarn Corrie Sock in "Cherry Float"

Happy Fuzzy Yarn Corrie Sock in “Cherry Float”

I’ll try to add the new colorways to the store in the next week or two, but no promises since I’m recovering from not one but two viruses.

Attention weavers! If you bought yarn to make a shawl like the one I wrote about in Adventures in Fibonacci Weaving (or even if you didn’t), you might want to take a look at the helpful footnote I added to that post!