Like I’m not already a picky enough eater

Back in January Donna left a comment regarding migraine and gluten intolerance.  I looked into it a bit but got kind of distracted so didn’t read that much about it.  Then last month someone else mentioned it to me.  Ok, time to really look into it.

I found that celiac disease has 250-300 symptoms.  It’s usually thought of as a disease that causes gastrointestinal problems, but with that many symptoms, obviously many of them are not gastrointestinal.  Some people with the disease have no gastrointestinal symptoms, and some people have no symptoms at all.  Basically gluten is toxic to people who have the disease.  It changes the interior surface structure of the small intestine so nutrients aren’t absorbed.  It also increases the chance of cancer.  And while an estimated 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease, 1 in 25 migraineurs have it.

I didn’t find any one site that listed all of the symptoms.  Every site I went to listed some of them and said “not a complete list.”  Then I’d go to another site, and it would list some of the same symptoms and some other ones.  It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

I’m not going to list all of the symptoms here.  I’ve had a migraine all week, and I’m tired.  What I will say is, as I searched, I learned that just about every single health problem I have is a symptom.  I learned that it’s a hereditary disease, and just about every single health problem my parents have or have had is a symptom.

I went for a blood test a little over a week ago to find out if I have it.  I’m still waiting for the results.  But after feeling like total hell all week, I decided screw it.  I’m not waiting for the results.  I’m just going to go ahead and stop eating gluten now because I’m tired of feeling like hell.

It turns out that gluten-free food is fucking expensive.  Ranging from “wow, that’s more than I’m used to paying” to “whoa, that’s pretty pricey, but, well, I’ve got to eat…” to “shit! I’m not paying that much!”  I’ll see how this evolves as I shop around.

I hope this pays off.

Hmm.  You’d probably like some photos so you don’t go nominating me as the world’s worst blogger.  Alright.  Here are the socks I just finished.

Van Gogh socks finished

And here’s a pic of Roxanne and Joey hanging out between the couch and the coffee table, one of their favorite spots.

Bunnies napping

I think they’re sleeping, despite their open eyes.  I never see them sleeping with their eyes closed, so I think they just sleep with them open, and they didn’t move at all when I sat down to take the picture.  They were very relaxed.