Make yarn, not war.

Ever since I wrote how I felt that if everyone would spin we’d have world peace, I’ve been thinking about that more.  Sure, I’m probably naive, as always, but I don’t think I’d want to be any other way.  Spinning makes me happy.  It makes me feel peaceful.  It calms me.  So, what if everyone in the world felt like that?  Surely there would be less violence, wouldn’t there?  Surely fewer people would start wars and fewer people would support wars.  If more people in the world just weren’t violent people, surely the world would be more peaceful, wouldn’t it?

So my brain got stuck on this idea, because that’s the kind of brain I have.  And I ended up adding a new section to my CafePress store.


Buttons, stickers, magnets, and shirts.  I’ll send the proceeds to Knitters Without Borders.

I think I’ll go spin now.


  1. Mary E.Dadds

    I hate to bust your bubble.
    Its gonna take alot more than yarn and buttons to calm the violent people out here.
    Though your buttons are cute.

  2. erica

    Hey, I learned to spin and it is awesome. See you Tuesday some day?

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