This time of year, there are ladybugs everywhere in my house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. This morning I spotted (ha! spotted!) one of my little ladybug friends on my bottle of marbles on my kitchen windowsill.


(I keep my marbles in a bottle on the windowsill so no one can say I’ve lost my marbles. Because I know where my marbles are, damnit.)

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  1. Andrea

    Hey, I was searching for “why bicycles are better than cars” and stumbled upon your site and then chased you down here.

    (OK, tangent: I’m working on content for my bike shop’s site, and was looking for ideas for one page. So I started typing “why bicycles are better than cars” in the google tool bar in my browser. It had a suggestion that I couldn’t see the end of, but I just hit down-arrow-enter. Apparently I searched for “why bicycles are better than women.” Apparently that is a more common search than vs. cars. Then, lacking self-control, I read the “jokes.” I don’t recommend it. But then I corrected my search and found your site!)

    I just wanted to say you’re amazing. Finding your site and reading some of your rants really saved my motivation tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you for existing.

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