Meet Roxanne and Joey!

Well, it was just too weird not having any bunnies around.  I didn't have anyone to talk to or share my grapes with.  So a week ago I brought Roxanne and Joey home to live with me.  I adopted them from the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (if you can, please give them money!  They can really use it!).  I wanted to let them settle into their new home a bit before taking pictures.  And now here they are, Roxanne and Joey!

Here they are eating breakfast.  Roxanne is on the left, Joey on the right.


You can tell they're a bit suspicious of the camera by how alert their ears are!  Roxanne is an English spot/Hotot mix, and Joey is a Dutch/American sable mix.

They're exploring the living room here.  Joey's interested in the timer my lamp is plugged into (yes, that cord is bunny-proofed!).


Roxie has decided she likes the pot my plant is in.

In plant

She really likes the vertical blinds too.


She's almost invisible!

Almost invisible

Joey decided to have his portrait done.  I always think of Dutch bunnies as little police car bunnies.  Don't they look kind of like old fashioned police cars?  The way they used to be painted decades ago?  Or maybe I'm just nuts…

Police car bunny

Oh, take a picture of this side too…

Other side

He likes to lick the rocking chair in the same spot Rudy used to.  I guess it tastes good.

Licking the chair

Oh, what's over here?


They're really sweet bunnies.  Joey let me pick him up and hold him today for about 10 minutes, and Roxie likes to touch her nose to mine and demands to be petted.  I'm so glad I brought them home to live with me.



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  1. Delia

    Yayyyyy pictures!!!! Oh lucky bunnies, look how happy they are. 🙂

  2. Susan

    They look so sweet! 🙂

  3. Marcy

    Yay! Finally some bunny pictures. They are gorgeous!

  4. Peter Alway

    They look very cute and very lucky. Fuzzy Bunnies are Nice.

  5. Carol Gill

    They are so cute. I love them. Mom

  6. Cindy Restuccia

    They ARE wonderful to watch as they explore!It looks like Roxie and Joey love their new home. They seem very comfortable and content….two lucky buns!!! I’m another supporter of GLRS and a bunny mom myself!! Bunnies can bring such joy, can’t they? Cindy

  7. KDBunny

    Awe, congrats! Buns are so cool!

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