More randomness

1. We had a substitute yoga instructor this week so we did some asanas I hadn’t done before, and a lot of the asanas we regularly do we did differently.  I had no trouble doing anything, but the next morning I got out of bed and my body was kind of “Whoa!  I guess I’m not used to using that muscle!  Or that one there!  Or those muscles there…”  I’m still kind of achy all over.

2. I think my perception of my body size is continually lagging behind reality by a couple of years.  The size 10 jeans I bought last spring (I was shocked that I could fit into such a small size) have been too big for the last several months, so I went to the thrift shop last weekend to see if I could find a size 8 that fit, or at least a size 10 that was smaller, since sizes vary so much from brand to brand.  All the 8’s and 10’s were either really short or really long or had weird legs or were really beat up.  So I looked through the 6’s, even though I felt like I had no business even looking at 6’s.  I found a pair that were a normal length, with normal legs, that looked like new, and were flannel lined to boot!  Ooh…flannel…  So I tried them on, thinking, “Who the hell do you think you are, trying on a size 6?  That’s for small people!”

To my total amazement, they fit.  I was dumbfounded.  They’re a little bit on the snug side, but not that much, and since I’m still losing weight, I figure they’ll be perfect in another month or so.

This is just weird.  I just don’t see myself as someone who could possibly fit into such a small size.  When I take shirts off the rack to try on, if I look at something trying to judge if it will fit, I’m totally off.  What I think will fit when I look at it is much too large.  I have to try on things that look much too small, that look like I couldn’t possibly fit into them, and those fit.  My perception of how large my body is just hasn’t caught up with reality.  It’s disconcerting.  I suppose at some point my weight will stabilize, and maybe a year or two later my mind will catch up.

3. I’m still battling my insurance company about covering botox for migraine.  Their claim that it’s no longer medically indicated falls pretty flat since Allergan (the manufacturer of botox) has enough evidence that they’re applying for FDA approval of botox for migraine this year.  I sent my insurance company a letter of appeal (certified, with a return receipt) earlier this week.  I’ll see what happens next.