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What can I say?  Some days I can think of witty titles, some days I can't.  But I figured it was time to update you all with the random stuff that's been going on.

1.  I'll start with the coolest thing.  I have a new wholesale customer.  If you're in the Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan area, head on over to Artisan Knitworks, and you'll find a bunch of my yarn where you can see it in person (rather than on a computer monitor) and pet it and squeeze it and call it George and smell it and buy it without paying shipping fees.  Squee!

2.  I've got an idea for a sock design I'm working on.  If that works out, I'll have the pattern for sale.

3.  I had my birthday this week.  I'm 44 now.  Yay!  Happy birthday to me!

4.  My test results came back negative, so theoretically I don't have celiac disease.  I know there are false negatives though, and also a lot of people are gluten intolerant even if they don't actually have CD, so I'm going to continue the gluten-free diet for a while to see if my health improves.

I've found some good gluten-free cereal to eat, some pasta, crackers, some teff/millet tortillas…  I'm still working on finding decent bread though.  I can see why a lot of gluten-free folks end up making their own.  I bought a loaf, brought it home, took two slices out, looked at them and said, "I don't know what this stuff is, but it isn't bread.  I'm not eating this!"  It had the same texture as fruitcake, but without the fruit.  Very heavy and dense, and kind of sticky.  Eew.  The slices were really tiny too.  I wanted something to make a sandwich.  Not a little tiny sandwich.

If anyone knows of any gluten-free bread I can buy rather than make (I just don't have time to make bread, really) that's vegan and actually tastes like bread and has the texture of bread (I'm partial to a good crusty French or sourdough.  The kind you grip with your teeth and rip away from your face, not soft, squishy bread) that doesn't cost a zillion bucks a loaf, please enlighten me!

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  1. Donna

    Hi Rinn — it’s Donna again. In Colorado we are very fortunate to have several options for gluten-free shopping. One not far from me sells by mail order. Google — Granny’s Gluten Free Zone. A really good bread they have is the Imagine Teff bread from the Outside the Breadbox Bakery in Colorado Springs, Colorado (you can Google that as well).

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