New stuff

Yep, I'm still weaving, and I'm still loving it.  I've decided that buying a loom was one of the best things I've ever done. 

The pillow cover that I'd been planning to knit for the past two years but never got to?  I wove it.

Woven pillow

And now I'm using some left over alpaca/wool yarn to make a couple of scarves.  I made a warp long enough for two scarves.  I'm on the second one now, which uses the same yarn for warp and weft.

Alpaca:wool scarf on loom

The first one used a brown weft, so the vertical stripes were more prominent.

I'm a lot happier with my selvedges now.  Though still not perfect, they're much better.  Leslie asked me to post a link to the tutorial I found on selvedges, and I managed to find it again here.  I found a description that worked even better for me though on the Rigid Heddle Looms group on RavelryWarpgirl wrote, "when laying your weft thread, pinch it together with the outside warp
thread making sure it is nice and snug, give the weft a little tug
while holding the warp thread in position (to stop the edge being drawn
in), then let the rest of the weft relax across at 30 degrees-ish
before beating."  That made a huge difference for me.

And there's more new stuff in my life too.  My beloved iMac, a workhorse of a machine but over 5 years old, fell ill as geriatric machines sometimes do.  The repair would have cost a lot of money, so it just made more sense to buy a new computer.  So I'm typing this on a new MacBook.  It's pretty spiffy.  I'm still getting used to clicking the trackpad, but it does make scrolling a lot easier.  And I can send the old machine back to Apple for recycling.  Nice.

And I got a knitting machine.  My boyfriend has a friend whose mother died about a year ago, and he's been going through her stuff, so there was sort of an estate sale by appointment.  I brought home the knitting machine and several attachments for it, much much yarn and fiber, books, magazines…  Let's just say I have been blessed by the fiber gods.  I am truly fortunate.

But now I have to organize my studio so I can actually see what I have and use it (and make room to set up the knitting machine).  The first step is getting all the stuff I have up on eBay out of there so I have some room for sorting.  

And that's about it for what's new with me.  (I think.  I could be completely overlooking something.)

P.S. Since it's the last day of the month, I should remind you that you need to sign up for the sock yarn or fiber club by midnight tonight if you want to receive your first shipment in February.

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  1. linda

    Your yarn is gorgeous and your love of yarn is infectious! I love looking at yarn too, but I have a knitting tendon injury and haven’t been able to knit lately. I hadn’t thought of just looking at it! Thanks for the idea!

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