Not in the Plans

After putting it off for over a year, I finally made an appointment for an eye exam. I have no idea why I kept putting it off, but I was getting tired of things being blurry so I finally made the call. I had my exam Friday.

See that dark spot?


That is a shadow. A shadow cast by a cataract. A cataract in my eye. I have one in each eye.

I have cataracts.

That means that even when I get new glasses, things will still be blurry. And they’ll continue to get blurrier.

Eventually the cataracts will be bad enough that they’ll remove them, but they’re a 1 now, and they won’t remove them till they’re a 4.

Wondering just how bad my vision is going to get, I did some googling and found this.


And this.


So basically, everything is going to look like it’s far away and I’m not wearing glasses, whether it’s far away or not, and even though I’ll be wearing my glasses.

I’m trying not to freak out (everyone says “oh, cataract surgery is a breeze these days!”), but I am. No one talks about how long you have to deal with impaired vision before the surgery. I am a knitter. It’s not just something I do; it’s what I am. It’s my identity.

I like to design some simple things, but I really like to design complicated things. It’s the way my brain works. And I need to see what I’m doing to do that. Will I still be able to do that? I have to.

This was not in the plans.




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  1. Jill Wolcott

    I know it is early, but maybe get a second opinion on how long you have to wait. My mom has amazing vision (with correction) after having the surgery. She is old, but I seem to recall having a conversation with someone fairly recently about them doing it sooner these days. Maybe do a little (blurry) research?

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