Now that was a weekend!

To make a long story short: antique stores, garage sales, stayed with good friends, ate delicious food, YarnCon totally rocked, I sold lots of yarn, and I bought a circular sock knitting machine (CSM)! It’s a Legare 47, with a 72 cylinder and a 36 cylinder ribber, fully restored (~100 years old, more or less).

It took a while today to figure out where to put it in my studio; the first place I had planned to put it didn’t really work out (it was kind of in the way), and the second place was too dark. Then I remembered I had an extra lamp I had planned on getting rid of. Perfect.

I played around with the CSM a bit and figured out which tension is best for my yarn, but I need to experiment a bit more before I actually try making a pair of socks. Everyone suggests putting a bit of nail polish on the machine to mark the beginning of a round and the halfway point, which is a good idea, but I don’t have any nail polish. I don’t wear nail polish. And I need to figure out something to put the needles in as I take them out so I can do ribbing. It seems like they use Altoids tins in all the videos I’ve watched. Yeah, they look perfect. And I don’t have any Altoids tins. So I’ll have to figure out what to use instead, and I’m kind of worn out now.

So, time to spin.