Observations made while home sick with the flu

1.  It is possible to fall asleep while knitting.

2.  It is possible to fall asleep in mid-stitch.

3.  It is possible to knit while sleeping, but not very fast, and not for more than a few stitches.

4.  It is possible to sleep with one eye open.

5.  While I thought I had a 16 inch size 7 US circular needle, apparently I do not.

6.  For some reason I have three 29 inch size 7 US circular needles.

7.  Since I’m too sick to go out, I decided to try knitting my sleeve with two of the 29 inch needles since so many people rave about this method.  I got as far as two rounds and decided the two circular needle method was invented by Satan.

8.  Ok, you got me.  I don’t actually believe in Satan.  Insert evil being of your choice.  The two circular needle method was invented by Dick Cheney.

9.  I just took another look through my needle box and I do actually have a 16 inch 7 US.  Why the hell wasn’t it with my project?

10.  I’m going to bed.


  1. nstssj

    The two-circular needles method is from hell. I support your return to straights. And I think I’d pay to see that one-eyed-sleep thing 😉

  2. Marcy

    Double points are my favorite for small circumferences. But I maintain a working knowledge of two circs and magic loop because you never know when you have to decrease the crown of a hat and you’re not at home and you only have two circs or one big long circ.
    Don’t ask my how weird things like that happen. It’s something to do with a rip in the space-time continuum or something.

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