Oh, am I actually supposed to post once in a while?

So, I guess I just haven't really felt like blogging lately.  Stuff happens, and I think "oh, that would be a good thing to blog about," and then I never get around to it.  The blogging bug seems to have un-bit me.  But I'll see if I can give you a pathetic rundown of what's been going on before I leave to go grocery shopping.

I'm almost done with my alpaca/wool cardigan.  I redid the ribbing at the bottom and did the front bands and collar all in corrugated rib with the brown for the purl and the multicolored for the knit, and it looks cool.  I'm almost done with one sleeve, and it's actually the right size this time, so I just have to finish that and do the other sleeve.  (No time right now for photos or I'll have to take a later bus.)  I bought buttons for it yesterday when I went to Knit-A-Round for World Wide Knit in Public Day.  We sat outside and took turns knitting on a monster scarf with 25 mm needles.  Yes, 25 mm.  I didn't leave out a decimal.  US size 50.  It took me a while to get the hang of knitting with needles that huge.  They were like freaking broom handles.  Bizarre.

Let's see, what else…I finished the socks I was knitting.  Started two more pairs.  Yeah, this would be a lot better with photos.  I've been spinning.  I still need to photograph the yarn I finished a couple of months ago.  I just haven't felt like taking pictures.  Haven't felt like dyeing either.  I guess it's something I really just feel like doing in spurts.  I enjoy doing it when I'm doing it, but I really can't do it full time.  I've been thinking about what direction I want to take the business, since it seems the only way I can grow is if I really do the dyeing full time on top of my full time library job.  If I were one of those super-energetic people who can thrive on only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, that might be doable.  I am not one of those people.

I need time to do other things as well, to pursue other interests, to meditate, to relax, to get enough sleep, or I become depressed and physically ill. 

And yet, I don't want to give up the business entirely.  And I don't think I have to.  I just have to give up the idea of having it grow.  I just have to accept that I dye when I feel like dyeing.  The muse shows up when she wants to.  She's not at my beck and call. 

Of course, the IRS is going to want me to show a profit eventually if I'm going to call myself a business.  Um, yeah.  A profit would be nice.

Ok, time to catch the bus.