Oh, you want an update of what I’ve been doing?

Yeah, I thought so.  I haven't been a very good blogger lately.  I've been doing stuff, but not showing you.  What fun is that?

So.  It's Show and Tell Day here at Acme Acres.  First off, I finished my punk grrl socks.  They rock, as they should.


Now that the bus socks are finished, the former desk sock has now moved into bus sock rotation.  I really like the way the two color stripeyness is doing its thang here.


And I just cast on for another desk sock, giving Tigers on estrogen another go.  It just wasn't meant to be a Jaywalker (way too tight unless I wanted to use 12,000 stitches per round, more or less), but I've used this yarn in another colorway with Anne Hanson's Smokin' socks, and they fit great (with just 72 stitches per round), so I'm using that again, and isn't it tigery?!


I'm making progress on the sweater, though since I'm designing it the progress isn't entirely forward.  Heh.

I finished the ribbing on the bottom and along one front edge (I figured I would wait until I have buttons to do the other side's edge so I don't make the buttonholes too large or too small).  Then I decided the ribbing at the bottom edge really pulls in too much and I needed to do it over. I was kind of ribbinged out by then though, so I decided to do the sleeves first and come back to the ribbing.  So I picked up the stitches for the first sleeve and worked in the round toward the wrist until it was about half done and tried it on, and decided that I didn't like the way it was hanging, and the angle of decrease was too slow.  So I frogged back to the pickup row, then did short rows, then continued in the round decreasing every 5th row instead of every 6th.


This whole project has been kind of a two steps forward one step back thing, but I think it might work this time.  Though now that I look at it, the sleeve looks like a lot of fabric.  Hmm.

I've finished spinning the yarn for the Cobblestone cardigan, washed it, and it's hanging to dry.


I think it's my new special friend.

I'm spinning some yarn to make a scarf because my old scarf is kind of ratty and it's fucking cold here and I'm so sick of winter PLEASE SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!!!


Aaaaannnddd…I dyed some wool!  No, really!  Look!


You know what's really cool?  I dyed all of that in one dyepot, all together.  It was totally mad science, which is the funnest kind of art. I swear, I was yelling "Mad!" during the process, which tells you I was inspired, and also that I was just totally obsessing on the mad science concept but that's Shaenon's fault.  Heh heh heh.

Since it's still experimental (because it is mad science, after all), I'm still figuring out how much dye I should use, and that would be, uh, less than I actually used.  This had a lot of excess dye molecules.  I rinsed it several times and dye was still coming out, and I didn't want to rinse it too much more because I didn't want to felt it.  Right now it's beautiful — no felting at all, so I'm going to spin it and then wash the yarn some more to get the rest of the excess dye out.  I need to do some more dyeing (hee hee, more mad science!) and experiment until I get some fiber than rinses clear before I can sell it as fiber.

Hmm, what else to tell you about?  Oh, yeah.  I seem to have developed an allergy to soy.  Isn't that just a kick in the head?  I had found some stuff with tofu in it that I had grown rather fond of, and a soy-based salad dressing that was rather good on my veggie sandwich, and I've been forced to face the reality that every time I eat any of it, before I'm even finished, my lips and surrounding area feel weird, like everything is about to turn red and swollen and itchy.  It lasts a little while and then returns to normal, though the little while has been getting a little longer, and the affected area has been getting a little larger.  I guess I need to just stop eating it.  I went an entire week without it, and then had some of the dressing on my sandwich to see how I would react, and yeah, it was pretty clear that my body doesn't want this stuff in it. Crap.  So ok, no more soy.  I've been finding plenty of other things to eat.  Like I can put hummus on my sandwich instead of salad dressing.

People keep asking me how the vegan thing is going.  Aside from the soy allergy, it's going great.  I've been trying a lot of new foods, and I've actually lost 15 pounds since I went vegan, despite eating till I'm stuffed and eating whatever I want.  The key is to only want to eat healthy food, not crap.  (Newest thing I've discovered: baked sweet potato with non-hydrogenated margarine, salt, pepper, and chives.  It's yummy!)

My problem now is I need to buy some clothes because the ones I'm wearing are too loose in ways that are driving me nuts.  I don't mind shirts being loose.  That's fine.  But when my bra isn't the right size, it's annoying as hell.  And when my pants are a size too big, it drives me nuts.  Have I mentioned one or 5347 times that I hate shopping?  I can just never find what I need, so it feels like a complete waste of time and a wretched chore.  There are so many things I'd rather be doing with my time, like knitting, or spinning, or dyeing wool.  Even shopping online is frustrating because I don't know what size I am anymore, and sizes are totally inconsistent from one brand to another.  Urgh.


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  1. Mary E.Dadds

    Glad to see you posted.I thought something happened to you.
    Missed ya.

  2. Mary E.Dadds

    Glad to see you posted.I thought something happened to you.
    Missed ya.

  3. Mary E.Dadds

    Glad to see you posted.I thought something happened to you.
    Missed ya.

  4. Mary E.Dadds

    Glad to see you posted.I thought something happened to you.
    Missed ya.

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