So, what I said yesterday about the migraines not being so bad lately?  Uh, never mind.  My brain stabbed me in the eyeball last night and I had to go to bed before I puked.  I still feel pretty blechy/eyeball-squeezy.

I’ve come to realize there are two parts of my brain that are at odds with each other.  There’s the part that’s responsible for the physical me, and there’s the What I Want to Do part.  They cooperate on some things.  Responsible for Physical Me (RFPM for short) says, “Hey, we should eat healthy food and exercise!” and What I Want to Do (WIWTD) says, “Hmm.  Yeah, ok, that sounds like a good idea.  Ooh!  Hummus!”

But oftentimes WIWTD suffers from what I call One-more-itis.  You may be familiar with it.

“Oh, I’ll just knit one more row.”

“Oh, I’ll just knit one more repeat.”

“I’ll just read one more chapter.”

“I’ll just eat one more cookie.”

You knit for three more hours, stayed up till 2am finishing the book and ate half a bag of cookies, didn’t you?

It’s not always bad.  I get things done.  But.

RFPM says, “Um, you know, we’ve been out here gardening for quite a while.  I’m getting kind of hungry.  Can we go in and eat dinner?”

WIWTD says, “Oh.  Um, let me just finish weeding this one section here.”

RFPM: “But…”

WIWTD: “Ok, done with that section.”

RFPM: “So we can go in now?”

WIWTD:  “Erm…well, I should weed this section over here too.”

RFPM: “But…but…”

WIWTD:  “Oh, it’s starting to get dark.  I should take advantage of the remaining light and get as many weeds as I can.”

RFPM:  “Hungry!”

WIWTD:  “Um, yeah, I know.  But it’ll only be a few minutes more.”


WIWTD:  “Grumble grumble.  Ok, I’ll get my stuff together to go inside.  Oh, let me grab that weed on the way.”

RFPM:  “Whimper…”

WIWTD:  “I’ll just pull these weeds here on the way back to the door.”

RFPM:  “You’re going inside NOW!”

WIWTD:  “Oh, shit, I feel really light-headed all of a sudden.  I think I’d better go eat.”

RFPM:  “Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.”

See what I mean?

Or in the case of yesterday, I got a lot done on the Fairy Yarnmother website, but I had actually planned on doing some other stuff yesterday.  I just thought I would do a couple of things on the site in the morning before I got started on the other stuff, and the next thing I knew it was 6pm.  Well, I figured I was on a roll, so I might as well keep working on it.  I did remember to eat lunch and dinner…while I was working on the site.  And I kept working on it, and eventually I ran into a problem I couldn’t figure out.  I figured there had to be a solution for it, but it wasn’t in the FAQs, it wasn’t in the manual, and I wasn’t finding it in the forums.

RFPM:  “Um, can we go to bed now?  I can hardly see straight anymore.”

WIWTD:  “I just want to figure out how to do this thing.  It’s got to be in the forums somewhere.”

RFPM:  “You’ve searched the forums for hours.  I need to rest.”

WIWTD:  “Just let me try one more search with some different keywords.”

RFPM:  “I’m tired.  Let me rest.”

WIWTD:  “I just want to look at these search results.  There’s got to be a solution in here somewhere.”

RFPM:  “I want to go to bed.”

WIWTD:  “There’s stuff here about similar situations, but not the same thing.  This doesn’t do me any good.”

RFPM:  “Tired!”

WIWTD:  “Yeah, ok, ok.  Just let me finish looking at these search results.”

RFPM:  “Whimper…”

WIWTD:  “I get it.  It didn’t even include all of my search terms because some of them were too common.  No wonder I’m getting all of this stuff that isn’t quite relevant.  Maybe if I use some different terms…”

RFPM:  “I need to sleep.”

WIWTD:  “Ok, you sleep, I’ll stay up and work on this.”

RFPM:  “Huh?  That doesn’t even make sense.”

WIWTD:  “I’ll just keep reading these search results.  It’s got to be here somewhere.”

RFPM:  “Uh…you need to go to bed.  Like now.”

WIWTD:  “Just one more page…”


WIWTD:  “Ow!  Ow ow ow!  Spike in my eye!”

RFPM:  “Can we please go to bed now?”

WIWTD:  “Ow!  It hurts!”

RFPM:  “So get up and walk into the bedroom and…”

WIWTD:  “Ugh. I feel like I’m going to puke.  I have to go to bed before I puke.”

RFPM:  “Uh huh.”

So yeah.  Basically RFPM wants what’s best for me, but WIWTD tends to ignore RFPM because of the one-more-itis and so the only way RFPM can get WIWTD’s attention and compliance is to kick its figurative ass.  I really need to work on that.

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  1. Jessica

    OMG – My brain has the exact same conversations with itself. Stayed up until 2am the other night knitting a Christmas stocking with part of my brain doing the “one more row” “I should finish the heel first” thing. Thank goodness my RFPM hasn’t figured out that she could stab me in the eye to get me to go to bed.
    I hope the migraines go away soon.

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