One year of glorious freedom

Today marks the one year anniversary of my emancipation from the world of working for someone else.

I started Happy Fuzzy Yarn in 2006, but kept my day job, and spent evenings, weekends, and vacations dyeing, spinning, filling orders, building my website, etc. After a few years, I began to long for a life as a full time fiber artist. My library job had completely changed from what it once was, and I couldn’t stand to be there. When my position was eliminated, I was overjoyed.

For one entire year, I have been completely self-employed, making my living as a fiber artist. I have never have been happier in my life! I’m not rich, but I wasn’t rich before either, and I’ve managed to keep a roof over my head and pay my bills, and now that my body can follow its own clock, my migraines are almost completely gone.

And I get to do this for a living:

what I do: spin!

My life is so wonderful!

Thank you so much, all of you who have supported me by buying my yarns and fibers and wearable art, encouraging me, advising me, teaching me, laughing with me, sharing with me, and being there with hugs, whether in person or virtual! Thank you! Hugs to all of you!

Here’s to many more years!



  1. Harriet

    Congrats! Glad to see someone happy with what they are doing (and doing sooo well).

  2. Chase

    Good for you, Riin. I first came across your original Rants websites many years ago just after Ken Kifer died and I ended up reading many of your articles with fascination.

    Hard to believe that was nearly ten years ago. I haven’t been to your blog much since that time, but I was back re-reading Ken’s site and ended up here on this blog post.

    How wonderful for you that you are making your living doing what you love, and being in control of your own life. Some of us are just not designed to work for other people, it kills us, just a little each day.


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