Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear

So the cool thing about technology today is I was actually able to watch Obama’s inauguration on my computer at work.  I’m old enough to be pretty impressed by that.

I was pretty impressed by his speech too.  Wow.  A president who actually makes sense!  A president who’s actually intelligent!  A president who actually wants the country to head in the direction I do!  What a beautiful thing!

How wonderful it would be if the US became the country it’s capable of being, and we became a respected nation again, a more equitable nation, a more just nation, with a government dedicated to saving our environment instead of destroying it.

How exciting to actually feel optimism.

I really hope the health care mess gets straightened out.  I’ve been hoping that for years, both at times when I’ve had health insurance and when I haven’t.  Right now I have health insurance, but they decided to stop covering botox for migraine as of 1/1/09, claiming it’s no longer medically indicated, despite a team of neurologists protesting the policy change.

It was medically indicated, and now it’s not?  I have a pretty hard time swallowing that.  I think they just don’t want to pay for it, and they can’t get away with saying “we just don’t want to pay for it.”  My doctor wrote a letter of medical necessity to them, so I’m hoping they’ll agree to pay for it, but if they still say no, there are a few other avenues I can try, and if I still don’t have any luck, then I’m screwed.  This is so frustrating.  I finally found treatment that works, after trying around 30 other drugs, and they just decide out of the blue to stop paying for it.  Well, you know what?  I don’t want to go back to feeling horrible all the time.  After finally feeling good, I’m not willing to give it up. I’ll fight tooth and nail to stop them from denying me treatment.

But I shouldn’t have to!  No one should have to!  It should be a simple case of I need treatment X, I go to a doctor who provides treatment X, and it’s paid for, end of story. Simple.  It shouldn’t have to be so complicated with treatment denials and appeals.  Just let me get the treatment my doctor says I need.

Let everyone get the medical care they need.  Like in other industrialized countries.

Now that we have a rational, compassionate president, I have hope it may actually happen.  I’d almost forgotten what it was to have hope.  I know it won’t happen overnight.  But having a determined leader who wants the right things to happen is half the battle.

This is a happy day!  To celebrate, I’ll send 4 oz. of my handpainted sock yarn or wool top (your choice, and you can pick the colorway) to the first person to correctly tell me where the title of this post comes from!


  1. Susan

    It was in a song that Fozzie the Bear sung in the Muppet Movie 🙂
    What a great day eh? I was dropping things off at a LYS and the owner was watching it on her computer. I stayed and watched it with her. I kept getting a frog in my throat when he was talking. I’m so glad he made it.

  2. Donna

    I just came to look at your blog while reading the comments on the Yarn Harlot Blog.
    I notice your mention of migraine headaches and writing about eating good for you foods. I had headaches (I’m not sure that they were migraine) for many years. Two years ago I stopped eating wheat (and other gluten containing grains–barly, rye and sometimes oats). My reason for stopping those grains was not the headaches (although I had tried eliminating other foods over the years), but after only a few weeks I realized I was no longer having headaches. Since then I have talked to a handful of other people who have found the same result. I don’t have celiac because I have no gastrointestinal symptoms. I’ve never been tested for allergies. I just feel better not eating wheat. Most doctors are not aware of this. There is a lot of information avaiable when one googles “wheat free” and “gluten free”.

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