Planting myself

So I moved a few months ago.  Oh, didn't I tell you?  Oh, right, I have this kind of anxiety thing where I feel like if you all know where I live, some crazed lunatic might show up and kill me or something.  Not a knitter of course.  Some of you might be a bit loopy (heh heh, loopy!), but you're not dangerous. But of course all kinds of people besides knitters end up reading this (some pretty strange searches land people here).  It finally occurred to me though that a crazed lunatic could show up anywhere (not that I'm inviting any crazed lunatics to show up, no sirree Bob), and hell, I could get hit by a truck next week for that matter (I have to say, I'm not fond of Kroger delivery trucks or white pickups).

So basically I decided I need to just start living my life.  I was tired of feeling like I couldn't tell you about all the cool stuff where I live now or show you pictures.  I really like it here, and there's cool stuff to show you, so time to get on with it.  Cool thing number one?  I have a garden now.  Look! Little eggplants!  Aren't they the cutest thing ever?

Cute little eggplants

And monster tomato plants, full of a zillion tomatoes, all green, because I forgot about the difference between determinate and indeterminate when I bought the plants.  D'oh.

Green tomatoes

We'll call that a learning experience.  I'll get it right next year. This year?  Looks like I'll be drying some tomatoes.

And could a knitter/spinner have a garden without lambs ears?

Lambs ears

No, one could not.

And I had to plant one of my very most favoritest plants of all time, lobelia siphilitica.

Lobelia siphilitica

Another cool thing about living here?  There's a chipmunk who visits my back porch regularly.  It actually relaxes there.  How often do you get a chance to see a chipmunk relax, up close?  Pretty darn cool.

I have a basement now where I set up a fiber studio.  It's great, though I need to get an ipod or something at some point so I can listen to music and/or podcasts while I'm working.  I haven't been dyeing that much though because I've been spending so much time in the garden.  The dyeing might turn into a seasonal thing.  I've got some ideas though.

Another cool thing?  I finally got rid of that hideous $20 couch that looked like I only paid 20 bucks for it and bought a real couch.  It's red.  It's very attractive.  It's very comfortable.  I like it very much.*

Red couch

Rudy likes it too because not only can he go behind it, he can go under it.  I knew he would like that about it.  He likes the fresh food from my garden I grow just for him too.  Ok, I don't grow the dandelion greens just for him, but if they're in my garden, they're his, and they make him happy.  I do grow parsley, dill, basil and mint for him (the mint is in a pot, not in the ground.  It's nowhere near the ground.  I'm no fool).  I was growing cilantro, but it went to seed really fast.  I've tried getting the seeds to germinate, but they don't want to.  Any hints from successful cilantro growers?

Also, rabbit people take note.  Want to make your bunny happy?  Buy a zabuton.  A zabuton is a meditation cushion.  I bought one for myself to sit on to meditate.  I put it on the floor in my living room.  Rudy decided it was his.  Immediately.  Obviously I had bought him a bunny mattress.  He likes it very much.

Bathing on the zabuton

Usually he's very camera shy.  He won't let me anywhere near him with the camera.  But he didn't want to get off the zabuton, so he let me come close to him even though I had the weird shiny, clicky thing.  Of course I can't really use the zabuton myself now, unless I want to spend five minutes brushing rabbit hair off of it first every time I want to sit on it (I brush him all the time, but he grows new hair and sheds as fast as I can brush him.  Sometimes I wonder if brushing him just stimulates new hair growth.  But he won't let me brush his belly.  No way, no how). 

But I have a happy bunny!  And honestly, is there anything cuter than a bunny washing his face?

Bathing on the zabuton closeup

*And I know some of you looked at the photo of the couch and zoomed right in on the basket of knitting on the floor

The basket by the couch

and you're saying, "Hey!  Whatcha knittin"?!  Are you gonna tell us about it?  Are you gonna show us?  Are you?  Huh?  Huh?  Are you?"

Alright.  I will show you.  I'm making this.

Hypotenuse 0816

Anne Hanson's Hypotenuse Scarf using some of my handspun blue faced leicester.  It's yummy.  I'm making it to go with my yellow parka, which needed a nicer scarf to go with it than the ratty old thing I was wearing with it, which made me feel like some kind of refugee.  This is so much nicer.  After I started it, of course, I realized that the coat is two sizes too big for me now because I've lost 30 pounds since last fall, and I'll probably lose even more weight by this winter, but I can pull the drawstring in at the waist and around the bottom so wind doesn't go up the back.  I don't want to buy another coat until my weight stabilizes (I've lost the last 5 lbs just in the last two months, so I guess I haven't stabilized yet).

Anyway, when I do buy another coat, I want another bright yellow one like the one I've got, or a bright green, the same color as my jacket.  Something that says to motorists as I'm crossing the street in the dark, "Hi!  See me!  Don't hit me!," not "SPLAT!  AAAAAGHHH!  CRUNCH!"  If you know what I mean.  I see so many coats in dark drab colors, and I'm thinking, uh, no, not so much.  I don't want to be squashed.  I like being alive.


  1. Mary E.Dadds

    I love that new couch!!!
    I want one!Red is my favorite color
    and it is wonderful.
    If i knew where it came from i think i would run out and buy one.
    your garden is really nice too.

  2. Mary E.Dadds

    I love that new couch!!!
    I want one!Red is my favorite color
    and it is wonderful.
    If i knew where it came from i think i would run out and buy one.
    your garden is really nice too.

  3. Tom Frost Jr.

    What’s wrong with paying “only” $20. for a couch? That’s the _most_ that I’d ever pay!
    On second thought, I wouldn’t even pay a _red_ _nickel_ for one. Rather, I think $20. is about the most that I’ve ever _gotten_ for one, when I sell them at the flea market! I _get_ them for _nothing_! Well, nothing except, admittedly, the gas of hauling them around. And I just passed up another free couch the other day, partly for that reason and partly because they usually rot anyhow before I sell them and then I have to burn them.
    For the above, and similar, reasons, I still refuse to sit in the one that my parents spent $700. for a few years ago.

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