My garden looks so thirsty! Is there a drought where you are too? It finally rained a bit this morning, but my soil still looks like powder. It need to rain a lot more. At least it isn’t 12,000,000°F out there anymore.

I haven’t been leaving the house most days. I am thankful that I have central air, and I am thankful that my studio is in the basement. Right now at least. Whenever I have to haul stuff up and down the stairs, I wish my studio was on the ground floor. But whenever it’s really hot out, or whenever there’s a big thunderstorm or tornado warning, then working in the basement is excellent.

Anyway. I wanted to remind you that prices are going up July 26. Order now and save money! It’s a Time Travel Sale!

I wanted to remind you about The Happy Fuzzy Local Wool Project too. It’s off to a great start! I just want to keep the momentum going.

Here’s a small fraction of the wool I’ve been washing for the project.

The top tier is Bluefaced Leicester x Border Leicester, and the lower tiers are Corriedale. This wool is so nice! When I was washing it, I kept telling the fleeces how cute they were! (Everyone does that, right?)

If you’d like to get some yarn or combed top from some of the yummy local wool I’m washing, be sure to contribute to the project and select which perk you want.

And it’s time for me to wash another fleece!


  1. Barbara from Nova Scotia

    It’s crazy dry here too. I should be washing my locally acquired fleeces and wool, but … I could list off a bunch of excuses.
    Anyway, my question: where did you get your drying rack?? It’s whole bunches of awesome! I had a couple stacking racks, but one of the cats used it as a bed one too many times and now I’m down to one.

  2. Riin

    I got it at Meijer, but I know they’re regional. I think Ohio is as far east as they have stores. Anyway, it’s actually several sweater drying racks stacked up. In theory, I could keep stacking them even higher. In practice, it gets kind of wobbly, and if you bump into it ever so slightly, the whole thing collapses. Ask me how I know.

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