It’s random thought day here at Acme Acres in Happy Fuzzy Land.  Time to just spill my brain onto my keyboard…

1. Bifocals, schmifocals.  I gave up.  I tried getting used to the bifocals, I really did, but in reality I just got used to things being blurry when I looked in certain directions.  I could see close up better without them than with them.  And when a small crack formed in the left lens and started growing, I said screw it.  I took them back to the shop and had them remade as single vision glasses.  I picked them up this morning, and they’re so much better!  I can see!  No matter which direction I look, things are clear!  Aahhh…

2. My insurance decided they would authorize payment for botox for migraine through the end of March as “continuing care” for patients who’ve been getting the treatments.  Well, that’s something.  So the appointment I was supposed to have this week which was canceled because they wouldn’t pay for it has now been rescheduled for next week, and not a moment too soon, because I think the botox is wearing off.  I’ve been having more migraines lately.  Don’t ask me what I’m supposed to do after March.  I suppose they think I should just take one of the 30 drugs I’ve already tried.  Or maybe they just don’t care if I feel like crap, as long as they save money.

3. The bunnies continue to amuse and amaze me with their antics.  They both like to hop in my plant pot now.  They ate all the dried moss I had in the pot covering the soil, so I put hay in it.

My coffee table has a bottom shelf with 3″ of space between the shelf and the floor.  Roxie actually managed to fit under the shelf!  I was shocked! She kept looking under it, but it looked like she could barely fit her head under it, certainly not her much larger body.  But then she just stuck her head under it and made the rest of her body very flat and dove under the end.  I was afraid she was going to get stuck, but she managed to move somehow, and she came out from under the side.  Wow!  I guess it’s kind of like a tunnel or a burrow.  Still, it just amazed me that she could fit into that small of a space.  She is not a small rabbit.

4. I’ve been making beaded stitch markers.  No pictures yet, but soon.  My hands still have the knack (I spend six years making jewelry professionally some years ago), but bending the wire just so is harder on the eyes than it used to be.  I can see how life would be easier if I weren’t a perfectionist.  But I am, and I’m not about to churn out crap. Maybe I’ll get some reading glasses to magnify close up stuff.

5. I’m getting obsessed with gardening and planning what I want to do in my garden this year.  I want to remove the yews (I think they’re ugly, and some of them are huge), and replace them with various shrubs (still deciding) and perennials.  It just seems so unfair that my garden is completely buried in snow so I can’t even look at it.  I am so sick of winter!  We’ve had so much snow and it’s been so cold that it seems like winter has gone on for much longer than it actually has.

There was probably more, but that’s all I can remember now, so I’m going to knit and hang out with rabbits.