Ready for a Shock?

My plan for today was to card several batts and then spin for a while.

My plan did not take into account the four hours I spent gardening yesterday, mostly digging things up and planting them elsewhere where they would be happier.

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? Four hours of digging with a trowel?

Uh huh. The muscles in my right hand and forearm whimper at the thought of either turning the crank on my drum carder or spinning.

So I spent my time today doing something totally different. Something I haven’t done in ages.

I updated the shop.

Really! I really did! I know it’s shocking.

And tomorrow I really have to card more batts! Stitches Midwest is in less than two weeks, and I’m like “Wait…what? Already?” I have a lot of work to do! In other words, don’t expect another shop update any time soon…

Oh, by the way, you can read an interview with me in Spin Artiste and see photos of the chaos that is my studio!

Also, I’ve reached more than half of my goal so far on The Happy Fuzzy Yarn Local Wool Project with 24 days left to contribute. Thanks so much to everyone who’s contributed! If you haven’t contributed yet but you’ve been thinking about it, please do!