Ready for Vogue Knitting Live!

The van is packed. Tomorrow morning we hit the road for New York City! I’ll be at Vogue Knitting Live in booth 1008, with more yarn than ever!

Vogue Knitting Live

I was going to take a picture of all the yarn bins stacked up in the living room to show you (it really is quite a sight), but Rob volunteered to start carrying them out to the van before I was done carrying everything up from the basement, and I wasn’t about to refuse. So picture something like…Binhenge.

I’ve got a new yarn I’m introducing at the show. It’s a hand dyed bulky weight domestic wool. Very soft. I’ve knit myself a sweater out of it which I’ll be wearing at the show so you can see how it knits up.

I’ve also got a special at the show — spend $200 and get a 4oz skein of hand dyed yarn FREE! How cool is that? So if you’re at VKL, come see me!

Now I just have to figure out the math for the sweater I’ll be knitting on the way there!

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  1. littlegrey

    have a wonderful, happy time! looking forward to pics & updates when you get back.

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