Review: 2 brands of gluten-free spaghetti

Well, I don't usually post twice in one day (wow, I'm lucky to post twice in one week.  I'm really on a roll here), but I just finished lunch.  I use spaghetti as Chinese noodles, and when I first went gluten-free, I bought a couple of different brands of gluten-free spaghetti to replace the whole wheat spaghetti I'd been using.  I figured by trying more than one brand, I'd figure out which one I liked better or if it didn't really matter.

I used the Glutino Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti first.  It was just like normal spaghetti.  The only difference was I had to rinse it or it all stuck together. (I learned that the first time.  Heh.) 

Today I was down to the last of the Glutino spaghetti — I only had enough for about half a serving — so I figured I'd open up the next package, DeBoles Gluten Free Multi Grain Spaghetti Style Pasta made with rice, quinoa and amaranth (spaghetti style pasta?  How would that be different from spaghetti?) and have half a serving of each.

The first thing I noticed about the DeBoles pasta was that there were a lot of broken pieces in the box.  A lot.  There hadn't really been any in the Glutino box.  It was a bit darker in color, but looking closely I could see it looked grainier, like the grains hadn't been ground into as fine a flour into being made into dough, or maybe they hadn't used as much water.  In any case, if you just touched it, it fell apart.

The cooking instructions on the Glutino package said,"cook about 7-10 minutes for 'al dente' pasta."  The DeBoles package said "Cook 4-6 minutes or until al dente — do not overcook."  I don't mind some of my pasta al dente, but for spaghetti, especially when I'm using it as Chinese noodles, al dente seems undercooked to me.  I put the Glutino noodles in the boiling water and set the timer for 4 minutes.  When it went off, I added the DeBoles noodles and set the timer for another 6. 

At that point I pulled a couple of noodles out with my chopsticks.  The lighter (Glutino) noodle was just about perfect.  The darker (DeBoles) noodle really wasn't quite done.  I set the timer for another minute. 

When it went off, I reached in the pot with the chopsticks, but all I could find were light noodles.  Why wasn't I finding any darker ones?  The light noodles were perfect.  I finally found a fragment of a dark noodle.  Well, it was done enough.  I poured the noodles into the collander and saw what had happened.

I had a collander full of light strands, perfectly intact and cooked to perfection, and hundreds of short fragments of darker pasta, ranging from about 3 to 12 mm.  They were about the size of a grain of rice on average. 

The DeBoles pasta had completely fallen apart in the extra one minute of cooking I gave it because I don't like al dente spaghetti.

I threw the rest of the uncooked DeBoles pasta in the trash.

So to summarize:  Glutino: A+.  DeBoles: F.

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    Wondeful review and resource fro those with gluten issues.

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