Second Kit and Third Coast

Hey, remember I said I have kits now? I have the second one in the series now, Izzy’s Bouncin’ Blues!

izzy's bouncin' blues

I’ll have both kits and a whole lot of yarn and fiber and patterns available this Friday and Saturday at the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit.

If you’re in the area, come check it out because I’ve got luscious stuff and you can fondle and grope it before you buy!

This is merino/yak combed top:

31114 hydrangea merino/yak

When I put it into people’s hands and say “Feel how soft this is,” they kind of melt. It’s cute to watch!

And this is Corrie Sock in a brand new colorway that I don’t have available online yet (soon!). It’s called “Sugar Plum Fairy.”

f 22058 sugar plum fairy

I like it. It may be my new special friend.