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Karma Program: invest money in Happy Fuzzy Yarn and get long term discounts

Karma Program: invest money in Happy Fuzzy Yarn and get long term discounts

Would you like to invest in your favorite yarn company? [Hint: That would be Happy Fuzzy Yarn!]

I've got a lot of ideas for ways for Happy Fuzzy Yarn to grow... new yarn lines to introduce, new fibers...the ideas keep flowing. And I need investors to help me out.

So here's my idea.

It's a karma program. You give me some money up front, and I give you long term discounts. How much money you get back depends on how much you spend, of course. You might get back less than you invested, or you might get back a lot more. It's up to you.

You can use the discount here in my online store, in my booth at shows (but not at guild sales), and for classes and private lessons.

Interested? Here are the details:

  • Invest $100 : receive 20% off all purchases for 1 year
  • Invest $250 : receive 25% off all purchases for 2 years
  • Invest $500 : receive 25% off all purchases for 5 years

When you invest, I'll set your profile to automatically give you a discount when you login to my online store. When you come to my booth at a show, just tell me your name and that you're in the karma program (I'll have a list).

Any questions? Please contact me!

Wondering what happens if I go out of business or die or something? Well, rest assured that I will not go out of business unless I am no longer physically able to do this for some reason. I have OCD. I would rather be boiled alive in a pot of live eels than work for someone else again. This means I'm stubborn as hell, and I will always find a way to stay in business. If I die, you can have a portion of my inventory. Unless, you know, you're implicated in my death. Because that would be really bad karma.

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