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Polwarth combed top

Polwarth combed top
Kandinsky (on BFL) Gladiolus (on BFL) Be Mine (on Falkland) Sweetheart Salwar Kameez Happy (on Falkland) Truffula Trees (on BFL) Agate (on BFL) Hearth (on Superfine Merino) Sandstone (on BFL) Hellebore Art Nouveau Watermelon Macaw (on Superfine Merino) Crete (on BFL) Lights in the Dark Rain Forest (on Falkland) Enchanted Forest Oxidized Brass (on BFL) Muse (on Superfine Merino) Kelp (on BFL) Death and Taxes (on Superfine Merino) Gorge Blue Lagoon (on Superfine Merino) Azores (on Falkland) Sea Monster (on BFL) Jewel in the Water (on BFL) Dreamland (on Falkland) Paradise Raspberry Chocolate Torte Grrl Enchanted (on Local Wool Project Wool) Hydrangea (on Superfine Merino) Spring Bulbs (on Falkland) Shadowy (on Falkland)

Polwarth wool is so incredibly soft, it's decadent.

  • 4 ounces of hand dyed Polwarth combed wool top.
  • NOT superwash, so it can be felted if you wish.

Because of my dyeing process, some of the braids end up a bit darker or lighter (more or less saturated). Each photo is representative of the average saturation. If you have a preference, let me know; otherwise I'll choose one at random for you. If you get more than one, I'll try to make sure they more or less match, if possible, but I've spun 1-2 pounds of various colorways in varying saturations by using some of each braid in each skein so all the colors are distributed throughout the project.

Photos shown are of the colorways dyed on Polwarth top unless otherwise noted in the detailed images below. Please note that different fibers take colors slightly differently.

Colorways that are not in stock will be dyed to order. Allow 4-6 weeks.

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