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The Local Wool Project 100% wool combed top

The Local Wool Project 100% wool combed top
Verdigris (on BFL) Robin's egg (on Falkland) Woodpecker (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Agate (on BFL) Salwar Kameez (on Polwarth) Summer (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) September (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Violet-eared Waxbill (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Orchid (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Dappled Sun (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Enchanted Forest (on Polwarth) Yucatan Toh (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Old Faucet (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Sea Glass (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca) Delphinium (LWP exclusive! on wool/alpaca)

This is special combed top. Unlike my other hand dyed combed top, where I start with undyed combed top I've purchased from a mill or a wholesaler, with this one, I started at the very beginning. In 2012 I decided that since I live in Washtenaw County, the highest wool producing county in Michigan, it would be a good idea to have some of the abundant local wool made into millspun yarn and combed top.

Thus The Happy Fuzzy Yarn Local Wool Project was born. I raised funds on Indiegogo, bought several fleeces from Washtenaw County shepherds and some alpaca from another county in Michigan. I know all the farmers and know they take good care of their animals.

The wool is a combination of Border Leicester, Bluefaced Leicester, Corriedale, Romney, Finn, and crossbreeds between some of those.

I washed all the fleeces myself (I lost count of how many there were!), took over 200 pounds of washed fiber to a Michigan woolen mill, and had them process some of it into wool/alpaca blend yarn, some into wool/alpaca blend combed top, and some into 100% wool combed top.

This is the 100% wool combed top. Once it's gone, it's gone. I will not be repeating this project in this form. UPDATE: THIS IS THE LAST OF IT!

  • 4 ounces of hand dyed combed wool top.
  • 100% wool from Washtenaw County, Michigan sheep
  • NOT superwash, so it can be felted if you wish.

Because of my dyeing process, some of the braids end up a bit darker or lighter (more or less saturated). Each photo is representative of the average saturation. If you have a preference, let me know; otherwise I'll choose one at random for you. If you get more than one, I'll try to make sure they more or less match, if possible, but I've spun 1-2 pounds of various colorways in varying saturations by using some of each braid in each skein so all the colors are distributed throughout the project.

Photos shown are of the colorways dyed on Local Wool Project wool top unless otherwise noted in the detailed images below. Please note that different fibers take colors slightly differently.

The quantities and colorways listed are all that are remaining of this fiber.


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