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DK Silk

DK Silk
Hemoglobin (on Corrie Sock) My 6th Grade Shoes (on Corrie Sock) Dahlia (on Corrie Sock) Nutmeg (on Corrie Sock) Ginger (on Corrie Sock) Sunflower (on Corrie Sock) Moss (on Corrie Sock) Verdigris (on Corrie Sock) Cornflower (on Corrie Sock) Margaret (on Corrie Sock) Wine (on Corrie Sock) Shadow (on Corrie Sock) Rice Alive (on Corrie Sock) Alstroemeria Vesuvius (on Corrie Sock) Hibiscus Canyon Mouth (on Corrie Sock) Bloodroot (on Corrie Sock) Ochre (on Corrie Sock) Tiger Lily (on Corrie Sock) Sugar Maple (on Corrie Sock) October Woods (on Corrie Sock) Papaya (on Corrie Sock) Vincent (on Corrie Sock) Budgie (on Corrie Sock) Tree Frog (on Corrie Sock) It's Spring! (on Corrie Sock) Peacock (on Corrie Sock) Watermelon (on Corrie Sock) Mist (on Corrie Sock) Mostly Water (on Corrie Sock) Macaw (on Corrie Sock) Geranium (on Corrie Sock) Colorado River (on Corrie Sock) Siddhartha (on Corrie Sock) Rain Forest Snow in the Sierras (on Corrie Sock) Moss on Stone Death and Taxes (on Corrie Sock) Black Watch (on Corrie Sock) Beach House (on Corrie Sock) Serenity (on Corrie Sock) Cobalt (on Corrie Sock) The Blues (on Corrie Sock) Firefox Autumn Indigo (on Corrie Sock) Coastal Sulfur Springs (on Corrie Sock) Petrified Forest Tundra (on Corrie Sock) Verbena (on Corrie Sock) Purple Kale (on Corrie Sock) Enchanted (on Corrie Sock) July Garden Magic Carpet (on Corrie Sock) Sugar Plum Fairy (on Corrie Sock) Borscht Lavandula (on Corrie Sock) Galactic Gumshoe (on Corrie Sock) Undulatory (on Corrie Sock) Anodized Purplesaurus (on Corrie Sock) Bald Eagle (on Corrie Sock) Steel and Pearls (on Corrie Sock)

DK Silk is a lustrous, luxurious yarn made from 100% bombyx silk, also known as mulberry silk or cultivated silk. It's spun as a singles (a single ply) so the surface is uninterrupted, the better to reflect light. It's perfect for next to the skin wear.

  • 1.75 oz (50g)
  • 165 yards (150m)
  • Use size US5-7 (3.75-4.5mm) needles for 21-24 sts in stockinette over 4in/10cm.
  • 100% Bombyx Silk
  • Hand wash in cool water. Lay flat to dry.

Photos shown are of the colorways dyed on DK Silk unless otherwise noted in the detailed images below. Please note that different base yarns take colors slightly differently.

"Rice" is undyed but has been washed to have the same hand and gauge as the dyed colorways.

Want a colorway that's not in stock? Go ahead and order it! We'll dye it for you and ship it as soon as it's ready! Allow 4-6 weeks.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy at least one skein of this yarn and get a free pattern! Details here!

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Buy at least one skein of DK Silk and we'll send you a free pattern specially designed for it! The Spiral Scrunch Cowl is fast and easy to knit, and it's luxurious! (Cough, holiday knitting, cough!)

After you order you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern PDF. The DK Silk yarn will be mailed to you.

Order the DK Silk yarn here!

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