Silk, and a new store with a whole lot of new stuff

Thanks so much to everyone who answered my survey! The results were pretty overwhelming in favor of smaller skeins, so I’m glad I asked. Since a few people did want the larger skeins, and that’s actually what I have dyed up right now, I’m making those available…for now.

But before I explain that, let me explain what I’ve been working on for the last…um, six months or so! It wasn’t supposed to take that long (yeah, we all know that one, don’t we?), and another part that works behind the scenes in conjunction with it that was the reason for the switch in the first place and will make my life much easier once it’s all finished still isn’t finished and so my life is temporarily more difficult, but it’s reached the stage where if I don’t do this part of the transition, it will be even more work for me…

Where was I?

Ah! This! My new store!


I switched to different shopping cart software, and so I’ve been adding all of the new products into the new store. So…silk yarn, lace weight yarn, silk combed top, merino/cashmere combed top, yarn and combed top (wool/alpaca) and combed top (100% wool) from The Local Wool Project…it’s all there.

I’m doing things a little differently than before. You can pick a base yarn or fiber, and then order it in any of my colorways, whether I have it in stock or not. If I don’t have it in stock, I’ll dye it to order. And if I have two skeins but you need four for your project, don’t worry; I dye in batches of 5, and I will send you four skeins from the new batch so they’re a good match.

This will let me bring you a lot of new yarns and fibers since I won’t have such a huge initial investment for each line.

And if you’re a wholesale customer, ordering will be much easier. There’s just one store for everyone now, and if you have a wholesale password, the wholesale prices are visible to you. Easy peasy.

I’ve done a whole bunch of testing, but if you find something isn’t working quite right, please let me know, and please be gentle! I’m still trying to do 587 things simultaneously, and I’m a bit stressed!

Oh! And the silk! For a short time, if you buy two 50g skeins of the same colorway, i.e., 100g, you can have the 100g skein that I don’t have to rewind into two smaller skeins, and you can use the coupon code GOTSILK to save $3 so you’re getting the 100g at the original $87 it would have been. Nice?

Also, I’m working on a cowl pattern for the silk yarn.

I think that’s everything…there’s probably more, but I need to go fall in a heap now.

Hope you like it. The new store, not the heap I fall into.