So long and thanks for all the tofu

I just sold the very last of the remaining inventory. Happy Fuzzy Yarn is now officially out of business since there’s nothing left to sell.

What happens now?

Stripey sock plus floofy cat

Stripey sock plus floofy cat

I’ll leave this site up until the domain expires so you can find retailers (though I have no idea which of the retailers have any remaining stock), read the blog, or whatever. When it expires though, it will be gone. I will still hold copyright to everything on the blog though, so if there’s content you think is important, you can download it for your own personal use, but no, you can’t sell it.

Patterns will still be available on Ravelry. I will not be adding new patterns.

I will still be knitting, spinning, and weaving. I’m working on a pair of socks.

I will be selling my handmade jewelry beginning soon. To find out when that happens, you can subscribe to my new newsletter.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me over the last ten years! I’ve made so many friends because of this business. You’re all wonderful, and I still want to see what you make with my babies!







  1. Val

    Hi, I guess I’ll just leave you a message here. I actually found you by typing in “anemia is a bitch”- how funny and obviously sad at the same time. I read what you wrote and the line about dropping” 40 points in IQ” – WOW, well every darn word was like Gospel to me seriously…..Someone out there who understands. I am in the throes of this now, trying to claw my way back up to the surface for air all while trying to look after a 28 month old. The iron pills suck and I am always hungry and put on a few to put it mildly. Do you feel better now? I see it was 2015(?). What did you change or how did you get through it?

  2. Riin

    Hi Val. I do feel a lot better now, though I sleep 9-10 hours/night. I’ve had to accept that my body just needs that much sleep, even with the iron supplements (3 pills each day). I’m not really any hungrier than I was before. When my period starts I want to eat everything that isn’t nailed down, but that’s the same as before! I can’t imagine trying to look after a toddler though. That would just take way more energy than I have.

    Maybe you could try a different iron supplement if the one you have isn’t working out for you?

    I hope you have someone to help you with the kid!

    I wish you good health!

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