So much wool…

Finally.  Whew.  I’ve finished the shop update.  Man, no wonder it took me so long!  That was so much wool, I’d insert some colorful expression to describe how much it was, but anything I can think of is kind of obscene or disturbing, and not really the way I want you thinking of my yarn.  Um, right.  It was a lot, leave it at that!

Anyway.  There’s some of just about everything.  BFL top.

Happiness series glee

Sock yarn.


Alpaca/wool worsted.


Bumpy bulky.


I’m experimenting with some semi-solids.


Let me know if there are any colors you’d like to see, or if you’d like to see any of the yarns I use in a semi-solid.  If they’re popular I’ll do more.  I’ll probably do some more anyway, as I’ve kind of got a hankering to do some fair isle.  You know, after I finish the scarf, lengthen the sleeves on the never-ending sweater, and make the Cobblestone cardigan…

If someone figures out how to put more than 24 hours in a day, let me know, ok?

One thing I’m doing to save time now is I’m no longer rewinding the skeins after dyeing unless you really can’t see the colors if I don’t or if the skein is so tangled you would hate my guts if I didn’t rewind it.  From what I’ve read, it seems about equal numbers of people prefer reskeined to non-reskeined, and a lot of people don’t care either way, so I hope you guys are happy with the new photos.  You would not believe how many hours this saves me, and this means I can get more dyeing done!  Hurrah!

But now it is time to go to bed and dream of colorways…