Spinning is cleaning, really

Since I’m going to be teaching classes starting next month, I really need to clean my house, and especially my studio. Well, especially the rest of the house too. You might be thinking, “Riin, we don’t care if your house is dirty,” but trust me. There are dust bison, and it’s hard to walk through the studio.

Part of cleaning the studio involves dealing with the fleece I washed and dyed several months ago that’s been sitting on the floor drying. Honest, it’s dry now. So I carded that into batts a few weeks ago, but batts are really fluffy and take up a lot of room. So I’ve been spinning a lot to convert the very large fluffy things into smaller, more compact things. Today I spent some time spinning a blend of wool (blues and purples) with angora (blues and light gray, almost white) and mohair (purple). It’s gorgeous. Pictures soon, I promise.

And part of cleaning the kitchen has been dealing with the extremely full worm bin. I give the worms food, they give me compost, I give the compost to my garden. Everybody’s happy! So today I dumped out all the compost on a tarp on my kitchen floor to sort out the little wormies from the compost (they won’t survive outside. It’s too cold for them here). I spread out the compost bit by bit so it could dry a bit and become crumbly so it was easier to break into smaller pieces, removing the worms in the process. The worms are all back in the bin, I sprinkled one full bucked of compost in my garden, and there’s another bucket almost full. I’ll wait till the small bits of compost that are stuck to the tarp dry overnight so I can get them off.

Tomorrow I’m washing the filter for the vacuum cleaner so it will actually suck. Because vacuums that don’t suck suck.

Yes, it’s an exciting life.

What are you doing?

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  1. veganprimate

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a long time.


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