Spring Fiber Expo!

Fiber Expo has been around in the fall for several years now, but this weekend it makes its debut as a spring show as well! I’ll be there with a new larger booth, and a lot of new stuff.

How new? Well, some of it is still damp. It should be dry by tomorrow though.

New enough that I’m still labeling, so I don’t have time to write much, and new enough that I don’t have proper photos yet. Here’s a crappy pic from my phone so you have something to look at!


It’s 100% bombyx silk, also known as cultivated silk. I imported it from India and dyed it, and it’s scrumptious.

I’ve also got some new lace weight merino wool yarn (still drying!), some DK weight wool/alpaca blend yarn (100% Michigan made! It’s the yarn from my Local Wool Project, and I’ll write more about that next week when I’m not so crunched for time), wool/alpaca combed top from the same project, and BFL/silk combed top, provided it dries in time!

Ok, back to labeling! Hope to see you there!



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  1. shoshana

    hi just wanted to say I received the yarn from the local yarn project and its lovely – thanks!

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