Starting over

Starting over — that’s a cryptic title.  I could be referring to the hat I just finished, after knitting most of a sock with the yarn, realizing I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, starting another sock with a contrasting yarn for the heels and toes and realizing it was a different weight, starting a hat, realizing I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, starting over with the hat a bit smaller and finally succeeding.  Or I could be referring to the sock I was working on (a Jaywalker), which was way too tight, so I frogged it and started over in the next larger size, but it was still too small.  I frogged it and I’ll knit a plain stockinette stitch sock out of that yarn.  After I knit something else.

I could be referring to the sweater I’m knitting.  I’m up to version 5 or so of a cardigan design.  Maybe version 6.  To tell you the truth I’ve completely lost count.  But I think I’ve got a winner this time.  I’m making good progress.

But actually I’m referring to this blog.  I had another blog.  Many months ago I started to feel like the name wasn’t really appropriate anymore though.  It was too negative.  I had carried it over from a website I had created in 2003, a long time ago, when much of what I had to write was the result of years of pent up frustration toward everything that was wrong with the world.  I still think there are some serious problems with the world, but I sort of feel like I’m written out about them.  I said my piece.  Now I just live my life in such a way as to try to make the world a better place, not that I’m a saint or anything.

I also needed to upgrade my blogging software, and I decided to combine the upgrade with the name change by just starting over.  I had planned to install the most recent version of WordPress, but it seemed to be kind of impossible with the way my store is set up (don’t ask.  I’ve spent a week trying).  I finally said screw it and went with TypePad.  I’m still learning all the details, but it does what I need it to do, and I’ve been able to set everything up in a short time.

Sometimes I feel like my life always comes back to my totem animal, Turtle.  Turtles persevere.  Try something, it doesn’t work, keep trying it for a while, it doesn’t work, ok, find  another way.  Does that way work?  No?  Ok, find some other way.  Keep trying.  Eventually there’s got to be a way that works.  Need to get to the beach to lay your eggs in the sand?  There’s a rock in your way?  Try going to the left of the rock.  Uh oh, that way is blocked.  Try going to the right of the rock.  That way is blocked too.  Damn it, go over the rock.  Get to the beach!  Turtles have been on Earth since before the dinosaurs.  Do you think they’re going to let a rock stand in their way?

In other words, life is too short to keep doing something that just isn’t working or is making you really unhappy.  I don’t want to spend my whole life trying to make something work that just isn’t going to work and is just going to make my stomach hurt.  Life isn’t supposed to be like that.  Find another way.

Well, this isn’t much of a blog without pictures, so here’s the sock I’ve been working on (aka, my bus knitting).  I gave you a tease of it at the top of the page, but here’s a full view:


I was also going to show you the hat I finished, but I just put it on for the first time (I blocked it last weekend so it’s been sitting on a towel all week).  You know how I said I had to make it smaller than before because I didn’t have enough yarn?  Um…yeah.  It’s big enough around, but it doesn’t come down far enough to really cover my ears.  It partly covers my ears, but not all the way, not unless I really pull it down, and then it doesn’t look so much like the beret that it’s supposed to.  You know, I think I’ll just stitch a bit of elastic thread around the opening so someone with a smaller head than mine can wear it (that would be most people since my head is pretty big) and then donate it somewhere.  Then I’ll make a scarf to wrap around my head.  I’m really more of a scarf person than a hat person.  Know what works and go with it.

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  1. Plausible

    Hello Riin,
    A while ago I wondered how Gandhi had managed, and I read he’d read Thoreau, so now I’m listening to and enjoying “Walden”, and found Ken Kifer’s site, and this blog.
    I just want to say thanks for keeping Ken’s site alive and even posting such an at this very time personally appropriate blog entry as “Starting over”. Like Thoreau writes (with some exaggeration…), only one in a hundred million is awake enough for a poetic life; consequently sites like these can talk across the gaps.
    Which does make me wonder again how bad all this capitalism and technology really is, seeing as it produced, among vaccines and tasty food, the internet which allows this. What was sacrificed for it? A bit of a neverending discussion.
    In any case, I have to start over on a grand scale and hope to do it ‘awake’. I’m thinking of kayaking, but knitting would be good to keep warm, though you need sheep or cotton.
    Thanks again, and kind regards,

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