Stuff happened but I didn’t die

Yes, the last post was about the then-upcoming Fiber Expo. That happened, I coughed the entire time, and then the next day I had pneumonia.

I had pneumonia for the rest of April and all through May, though I was starting to feel better toward the end of May, which was very good, because that’s when I had to really start the heavy duty TNNA preparation. We had been preparing for TNNA throughout the year, but when there were only a few weeks to go, it became apparent that there was still 6 months of work left to do in a 3 week period.

So…not everything got done. Enough did though. Rob and I went to TNNA, I tried to be sociable even though I really wanted to lie down on the floor and sleep, and things went ok until Monday morning when our whole yarn display came crashing to the floor. We put it back up, and it fell down again. We put it back up, strengthening things a bit, and it stayed.


But it wasn’t all gloom. I got to see some of my best friends and meet some great shop owners (some placed orders; some brought stuff back with them. Ask your shop owner what they got!) and some potential new reps, which means Happy Fuzzy Yarn will be in more shops in more cities. Yay!

Here are some pics:

The Yarn! (before the gravity malfunction)

The Yarn! (before the gravity malfunction)


The combed top!

The combed top